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标题: 美国话中hell的用法 [打印本页]

作者: 苏杭    时间: 2009-3-3 13:48     标题: 美国话中hell的用法


在美国话中, hell一字几乎无往不利, 其滥用的程度, 没有一个其他的字所能及. 它原是名词, 现又被用作动词, 副词, 感叹词, 几乎什么都行. 现就其用法, 分别举例讲解如下:

(1)        作为否定副词, 意思极强.

The hell you say! (=You don’t say!) (你不是认真说的吧!)

这hell是表否定的, 比说no的意思要强得多. 说You don’t say或You don’t say so, 意思还是一样, 是表惊异或不相信的意思. 句中的say = mean to say (认真说的).

(2)        在副词的用法, 又有than + hell 和as + hell的表现法.

It’s colder than hell on the prairies (在那草原上冷得要死).

You’re crazier than hell, kid (=You are mistaken). (你完全错了.)

He is wild as hell today. (他今天简直近乎疯狂了.)

(3)        没有否定意思的like hell, 仍作副词用.

Run like hell, or he’ll catch you. (快跑, 否则他就要捉住你了.)

I hate like hell to do this. (我恨死了做这个.)

(4)        原来应作in hell的, 现在却常说成in the hell, 或单说成the hell了.

What in hell is his name.(他到底叫什么名字.)

Where in the hell are you going? (你到底那里去啊?)

Who the hell say so? (这是谁说的呀?)

这个in hell等於标准英文的on earth或in the world.

(5)        单说一个Oh, yes就够了的普通说法, 他们偏要改为:

Hell, yes (是啊).

Hell, no (不对).

(6)        为表示不快或邪恶之念, 更要用到这字.

Now if that were to happen, wouldn’t it be hell. (如果变成那样, 就更糟了.)

Get away! Well, that’s a hell of a note. (滚你的蛋! 那是什么狗屁调子.)

You sure chose a hell of a time to quit. (你确会选了一个最坏的时候离开.)

(7)        作为形容词的用法:

She is a hell cat. (她是一个好吵架的脾气暴躁的女人).

He made hell bent for Paris. (他不顾一切地到巴黎去了.)

He is hell bent on starting it at once. (他坚决的要立刻着手.)

(8)        作为感叹词用, 最简单的是O hell (天啦)!

Hell and tarnation. (该死! 讨厌!)

Hell fire and damnation. (该死!)

(9)        其他的用法, 举例如下:

Hell don’t know (= Nobody knows) …… (天晓得!)

As much chance as a snowball in hell (有屁个机会).

Scarce as ice-water in hell (绝无的事).

Till hell freezes over (待河之清).

Raise hell (引起大骚动) 或let hell loose (引起大混乱).


作者: 夕野氏    时间: 2009-3-17 12:24

作者: 苏杭    时间: 2009-3-21 19:49

原帖由 夕野氏 于 2009-3-17 12:24 发表

夕老见识广,所言应有所据;但如“The hell you say”这句,就曾见於《读者文摘》的一则故事:

In a mid-western city I went to the transportation company to pick up a bus schedule。The girl in charge was exceptionally courteous and charming。She had just started to help me when the phone rang。Even I could hear the strident male voice。As he went on and on,I realized that he was being very unreasonable and skirting close to insult。

But the girl never lost her poise or her smile。She answered sweetly whenever she could get in a word and in between times keep scribing on a pad。I edged a little closer and peeked。Over and over she was writing,“The hell you say, the hell you say, the hell you say。” – Helen Campbell

“The hell you say”翻译过来就是“你不是认真说的吧”。


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