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作者: 苏杭    时间: 2009-2-5 23:08     标题: COMMON MISTAKE IN ENGLISH (2)

Using A Wrong Proposition (误用介词)

1.        Careful of, not for.

错:        He is very careful for his health.

对:        He is very careful of his health.


2.        Come or go by train, not with the train.

错:        He came with the train yesterday.

对:        He came by train yesterday.


3.        Complain of, not for.

错:        Many people complain for the heat.

对:        Many people complain of the heat.


4.        Composed of, not from.

错:        Our class is composed from thirty boys.

对:        Our class is composed of thirty boys.


5.        Confidence in, not to.

错:        I have great confidence to him.

对:        I have great confidence in him.


6.        Conform to, not with.

错:        We must conform with the rules.

对:        We must conform to the rules.


注意:        但comply接with, 例如: We will comply with your request (我们将应你的请求).

7.        Congratulate on, not for.

错:        I congratulate you for your success.

对:        I congratulate you on your success.


8.        Covered with, not by.

错:        The mountains are covered by snow.

对:        The mountains are covered with snow.


9.        Cure of, not from.

错:        The man was cured for his illness.

对:        The man was cured of his illness.


注意:        如果Cure为名词则可接for, 例如: There is no cure for that disease (那种疾病没药医).

10.        Deprive of, not from.

错:        He was deprived from his freedom.

对:        He was deprived of his freedom.




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