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(1)Laugh (笑)

They all laughed loudly 。

He laughs best who laughs last。

(2)smile (微笑)

He smiled his consent。

She smiled to see the children so happy。


He was grinning with delight。

The boy grinned from ear to ear when I gave him an apple。


He was chuckling to himself over what he was reading。


The silly school girls giggled。

I heard them giggled when I passed by the girls。


On hearing his absurd opinion, I went snickering。


He simpered at my word。

When I told him the thing, he simply simpered。


He smirks at everyone that passes。

An innocent smile of a child is much above the artificial smirk of a person in social intercourse。


The girls tittered(=giggled)

He told me that with a titter。


His jokes set the table in a roar。

They roared with laughter。


Everybody in the room surprised at him as he guffawed on the occasion。

The crowd laughs and guffaws as soon as they see the ridiculous manner of the buffoon。


He cachinnated till his sides ached。


He burst out into a horselaugh。


Those cackles from young male throats, the cultivated whoops from the girls, and the throb of the record player could mean another of the impromptu parties。


The children chortled all the time。


Doctors are often ridiculed in the plays。


They all derided his foolishness。


The students mocked the seriousness of his expression。

The naughty boys mocked the blind beggar。


He taunted me beyond endurance。

He taunted him into taking the dare。


He twitted her with her timidity。


It was a great invention but at first many people scoffed at it。


We bantered him on the subject of marriage。


The boys rallied John on his short haircut。


The boys chaffed the French boy about his mistakes in speaking English。


You may jeer, but can you do any better?


They gibed at his singing。


The proposal was sneered down。

“Bah!” he sneered with a curl of his lips。


Many a true word is spoken in jest。

Don’t jest about serious things。


I was only joking。

They often joked him on his baldness。


They laughed him to scone。

He is a scone to his neighbours。


Don’t flout at me。

He often flout at religion。


Man is the only risible animal。


It is a laughable story。


What a ludicrous thing it is。


Isn’t that absurd?


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